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Archers Binocular Strap

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the perfect way to carry your binoculars when carrying a bow With the Vortex Archer`s Strap you can can carry your binocular at your side and out of the way when you draw your bow. The extended length of the Archer`s strap makes it happen. The strap is long enough that you can position your binoculars at your side out of the way like a sling so they do not interfere with shots. In addition, the neoprene padding and straight cut strap design will help distribute the weight so they aid in comfort during long days of extended wear. Measures 2` wide and is 58` long •Keeps binoculars out of the way while shooting bow •Wear like a sling with binoculars at your side •Neoprene padding •Perfect for binoculars, range finders, or monoculars