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Item # Tg6211b

Range Rover W/1.019 Pin Adjust Blk

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The TRUGLO® RANGE•ROVER™ Series has long been synonymous with premium single–pin bow sights. Now, there’s even more reason to join Ralph and Vicki in their enthusiasm for these beautifully simple and effective hunting tools. Innovative ZERO–IN™ adjustment dial (TG6411B TG6411BLH) provides ultra–smooth, remarkably precise micro–adjustable elevation tuning, giving hunters an extra edge in difficult conditions. NEW - Left Hand models now available! •ZERO–IN™ adjustment dial with over 80 pre–marked yardage tapes (included) for simple setup •Toolless yardage lock •Clean, circular sight picture with all–metal pin •Extra–long, fully–protected wrapped fiber •Ultra–smooth bracket movement for easy one–hand adjustment •Sight housing accepts 1.87 in. scope lens (sold separately) •Laser engraved reference markings for windage and elevation adjustments •Adjustable end–of–travel stop customizes maximum yardage setting •Quiver can be mounted directly to bracket •Adjustable quiver mount included (except TG6211B) •Available in dedicated left–handed and right–handed configurations •TG6411B, TG6311B, TG6311J TG6311L - micro-adjust windage precision click design •TG6411B, TG6311B, TG6311J TG6311L - includes removable rheostat light