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Thompson Center 100-Pack Presaturated Cleaning Patches 7030 combine the cleaning power of a strong firearm solvent with the absorbent and gentle cotton of Thompson Center"s cleaning patches. These potent cleaning tools have been soaked in the Thompson Center No. 13 Bore Cleaner, an all-natural, non-toxic bore cleaning solution that won"t damage the finish or integrity of your firearm but is highly effective at clearing our residue and build-up. The patches of these TC Arms cleaning kits themselves are made from gentle and absorbent 100% cotton for a safe and effective clean. The Thompson Soaked Cotton Patches 100 Jar includes 100 pre-soaked patches that are 2.5 inches in diameter, ideal for .45 to .58 caliber weapons. Thompson Center has also made it possible to clean larger or smaller calibers by offsetting the patch on your jag, or double-layering the patches for large bore firearms. Skip a step in your cleaning routine by using the T/C Arms 100pc Pre-Saturated 2.5in Cleaning Patches.