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Hardwood Fawn Bleat

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We first introduced the Hardwood Fawn Bleat in 1986. Made from a select hardwood, that "Original" Hardwood Fawn Bleat was an immediate success. The Hardwood Fawn Bleat reproduces the bleat and bawl of young deer or fawns which appeals to the maternal instincts of all does during the early bow season. Blown softly, the Hardwood Fawn Bleat also reproduces doe Estrus Bleats which appeal to bucks during the rut. The best is back with the original Hardwood Fawn Bleat. You won"t be disappointed. Features This is the "Original" call introduced in 1986, that started the craze of calling up does as seen on the TRUTH Video Series Accurately reproduces distress bleat and bawl of a young deer, appealing to the maternal instincts of all does Perfect for the early bow season