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Trophy Grade 270 Wsm 150 Gr Ab Lr

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THE ACUBOND LONG RANGE BULLET WAS DEVELOPED IN RESPONSE TO THE ESCALATING DEMAND FROM LONG RANGE HUNTERS WHO WERE AKING FOR A HUNTING BULLET THAT WOULD KEEP UP WITH TODAY`S LEVEL OF HIGH GRADE OPTICS AND ULTRAHIGH VELOCITY CARTRIDGES IN ORDER TO STRECH PRACTICAL SHOOTING YARDAGES PAST 1000 YARDS, YET STILL PERFORM ON BIG GAME ANIMALS. IN ORDR TO ACCOMMODATE THESE EXTREME PARAMETERS THE ACUBOND LONG RANGE WAS DESIGNED TO HAVE A MINIMUM IMPACT VELOCITY OF 1300 FPS, IN ORDER TO RELIABLY MUSHROOM AT LONGER DISTANCES. DUE TO NOSLER`S UNIQUE MANUFACTURING CAPABILITIES, NOSLER WAS ABLE TO PRODUCE A BONDED CORE HUNTING BULLET THAT HAS A IMPACT VELOCITY RANGE OF 1300-3400FPS, AND THE HIGHEST BALLISTIC COEFFICIENT OFFERED IN A PRODUCTION BULLET TODAY. FEATURES INCLUDE UNIQUE GRAY POLYMER TIP, BONDED PERFORMANCE, TANGENT OGIVE, RELIABLE EXPANSION, HIGH PERFORMANCE BOATTAIL. DESCRIPTION Reach Out with Nosler Trophy Grade LR Manufactured to Nosler`s strictest quality standards, Trophy Grade Ammunition uses NoslerCustom Brass and Nosler Bullets to attain optimum performance, no matter where your hunting trip takes you. Trophy Grade Ammunition brings Nosler`s unsurpassed quality standards in accuracy and consistency directly to the shelf of your favorite gunshop or outdoor retailer. Nosler`s AccuBond High Performance Bonded Core Bullets deliver expansion and penetration with outstanding weight retention at all normal hunting velocities and ranges. The tapered, highly concentric bullet jacket is constructed from gilding metal that produces minimal fouling compared to most bonded core bullets that use pure copper jackets. The jacket is bonded to a lead alloy core that is engineered for balanced expansion. Nosler`s proprietary bonding process eliminates all possibility of component separation resulting in 60-70% weight retention. All Nosler AccuBond bullets feature unique white polymer tips that prevent deformation in the magazine, boost aerodynamic efficiency, and initiate expansi