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7 Mm- 08 156 Gr Oryx

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DESCRIPTION When that trophy game appears in your sights, make sure you have the right round for the job with the Norma USA. Traditions are very different around the world. And why not This is the kind of thing that makes other cultures so interesting. Sure enough, this is also true for hunting. For instance, Americans often use lighter bullets and higher muzzle velocity. Average ranges are also longer. Europeans traditionally use heavier bullets and moderate velocities. They shoot at shorter ranges. This has a direct effect on the choice of bullets, Stateside and in Europe. Bullets striking at high velocity need to be tougher to hold together. So, for instance, a copper bullet is more suited for flat & fast shooting than traditional softnoses. Another thing is the character of the hunt. Are you there for the trophy or the meat Are you concerned with maximum impact or do you want to make sure that as little meat as possible is destroyed Again, this influences the choice of bullets for different parts of the globe. Normas assortment of cartridges pretty much covers every aspect of hunting, from north to south and from east to west. 156 grain Norma Oryx bullet Muzzle Velocity: 2725 fps Muzzle Energy: 2573 ft/lbs Velocity at 100 yards: 2457 fps Energy at 100 yards: 2091 ft/lbs Velocity at 200 yards: 2204 fps Energy at 200 yards: 1683 ft/lbs Velocity at 300 yards: 1966 fps Energy at 300 yards: 1339 ft/lbs Uses: Medium and Large Game Price is per 20 round box.