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Nap Spitfire Broadheads 100gr

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Shut tight for a streamlined fit. Opens instantly on impact. Spitfire incorporates a pentration-enhancing micro-grooved slimeline ferrule with a patented retention system that requires no o-ring to keep blades closed on release even from the fastest bows. 100 grain. SHUT TIGHT FOR A STREAMLINED FIT, OPENS INSTANTLY ON IMPACT, SPITFIRE INCORPORATES A PENETRATION-ENHANCING MICRO-GROOVED SLIMLINE FERRULE WITH A PATENTED RETENTION SYSTEM THAT REQUIRES NO O-RING TO KEEP BLADES CLOSED ON RELEASE EVEN FROM THE FASTEST BOWS. SPITFIRES DELIVER SUPERB ACCURACY AND PERFORMANCE. SPIFTIRE 125 FEATURES 3 BLADES .030" THICKNESS, AND 1 1/2 INCH CUTTING DIAMETER. 3 PACK.