Remote Control Keyless Feeder Activator + Hover to Zoom


Item # Mfhp53863

Remote Control Keyless Feeder Activator

Available Quantity: 6


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Technical Features for Moultrie Remote Control Feeder Activator

The Moultrie Remote Control activates feeders at a distance of 300 feet. So now you don"t need to go and manually activate the feeder by going in the field as it might disturb the animals. Just stay at a distance, activate the feeder and experience the view of the species for which the feed has been setup. this convenient remote control allows you to point and shoot from your tree stand or truck, offering endless new possibilities and more efficient and covert scouting.

Remote Control Features:

•Remote Control
•Activates Wildlife & Fish Feeders
•300 Feet Range
•Use From Tree Stand, Truck or Pier
•Compatible with 6- or 12-volt Feeders