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Rx- 1500i Tbr- W 6x Mag.Rangefinder

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LEUPOLD has launched its new RX-1500i TBR/W Laser Rangefinder. With ½-yard accuracy, 6X magnification and Leupold’s True Ballistic Range/Wind (TBW/W) technology, the RX-1500i TBR/W is as versatile as it is compact. Equipped with Leupold’s proprietary DNA ranging engine, the TBR/W feature uses ballistically calculated ranges to keep shots on target even when on the most extreme uphill and downhill shots. Many other rangefinders use basic trigonometry to calculate a straight-line horizontal distance, meaning they may not produce a truly accurate range to your target. The wind feature provides a 10 mph full-value wind hold to help calculate a hold value.“If you’re going to be hunting or shooting in elevated terrain, you’re going to need a rangefinder that can calculate ballistic solutions, and fast, “The RX-1500i TBW/W does that and more–delivering an incredible value within its class.”The RX-1500i also features a bow mode, which generates arrow drops out to 175 yards with a bow-specific setting. A Trophy Scale feature allows for the measurement of game in the field, and a high light transmission LCD display delivers bright and clear images throughout the day. It can range out to 1,500 yards on reflective targets, and 1,200 yards on soft targets like trees. The RX-1500i is 100 percent waterproof and extreme climate tested.