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Item # 50237

Blr Gloss Std 2 Pieces Base

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Product Description:

  • This Leupold Standard 2 Piece scope Mount Base (50237) gives you maximum accessibility to the magazine or breech of your rifle, and more flexibility in mounting scope to bolt action rifles.
  • Leupold STD 2-piece base is worth a look. Fluted for a "custom" look, it"s also ideal if you"re after greater flexibility when it comes to mounting options for your bolt action rifle.
  • Reversible base is available for many actions, accommodating a variety of scope and action lengths. Additionally, STD 2 Piece base from Leupold fit right-hand and left-hand action.
  • 50237 Standard 2 Piece Mount Base Features:
  • Two-piece base sets, CNC machined to exacting tolerances, provide rock solid scope mounting
    Reversible and long rear bases make it easy to use standard rings to mount scope