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12ga Rvm .695

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Jebs Waterfowl Choke Tube - 12ga Remington Versa Max 695 JEBS High-Voltage Choke Tubes are designed to easily and effectively handle steel, lead, bismuth or any other shot you wish to shoot. The patented design gives the shooter a more consistent shot pattern, a more distinctive & shortened shot-stream, and incredible knock-down power for those much needed "longer shots." Choke Tubes are offered in Ported as well as Non-Ported models. Features: Handles steel, lead, bismuth or any other shot More Consistant shot pattern More distinctive and shortened shot stream Incredible knock-down power Made in the USA Choke Tube Restriction Comparisons: .685 | Extreme - Long Range | - (For #2 Shot and Smaller) .690 | Long - Mid-Range | - (Long Range equivalent with bigger shot sizes and closer to a Mid-Range with smaller shot sizes) .695 | Mid-Range | - (Mid range tube, but shoots larger shot like BB"s & BBB similar to a long range choke) CR Close Range and Timber | - ( Ideal for Flooded Timber and shots 25 yards and in )