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360 Extension Limb

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Hunter Safety System 360 Extension Limb X4
After a year long quest for the perfect design, Hunter Safety System is proud to introduce the 360 Extension Limb. All safety harnesses have the inherent problem of how difficult it can sometimes be to draw and shoot while standing backwards in a tree due to interference from the tether when the shooter turns in the stand. Now, Hunter Safety System has created the perfect solution!

Hunter Safety System HSS 360 Extension Limb is a multi-function accessory that makes any tree - hunt central with a variety of unique features that not only allow full 360-degree bow shooting from your stand but also add a few comforts and conveniences that may make you skip lunch!!

1 - Unique sliding tether system automatically slides silently away from the tree when game shows up directly behind you. No more interference from the tether on difficult behind-the-tree shots! In the event of a fall the design slides the tether back to the trunk of the tree for fast safe recovery.

2 - Includes our one-of-a-kind Bulls-eye Rope Rest for rock-solid rifle shooting from stands with no rifle rest bar. Allows accurate rifle shots from compact permanent bow stands during gun season.

3 - Features a moving bow or gun holder that can be positioned for right or left hand shooters. Holds bows in any precise position for minimum movement prior to draw.

4 - Comes complete with a compact camo umbrella for protection in hot or wet weather.

Specifications and Features:

Allows easy shooting directly behind the tree
Automatically adjusts silently to the direction of the shot
Attaches using proven "T-Screw" technology
Includes a 180 degree articulating arm bowholder
Features unique overhead "Bullseye Rope Rest for rock steady rifle shooting
Comes ready to install including a camo umbrella for sun and rain protection
Angled tether bracket automatically slides tether toward