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Item # 67713

50 Caliber 290gr Bore Driver Ftx

Available Quantity: 6


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Fast and easy to load, the Bore Driver™ FTX® delivers the ultimate in muzzleloader performance. At the heart of the system is a polymer base (not a sabot) that seals the bore to deliver maximum energy transfer and accuracy. Atop the base is the FTX® bullet, featuring a rugged gilding metal jacket coupled with patented FlexTip® technology and an InterLock® ring that deliver maximum lethality.

When you have one shot this muzzleloader season, make it count and use the best – Hornady® Bore Driver™ FTX®!


  • CALIBER:50 Cal. .499"
  • PRODUCT: Bore Driver™ FTX®
  • LINE: .166
  • SECTIONAL: .135 (G1)
  • DENSITY: 290 GR
  • BALLISTIC: Medium Game 50-300 lbs
  • BOX COUNT:20