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Item # 8307

218 Bee 45gr Hp

Available Quantity: 10


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DESCRIPTION Hornady has been an industry leader in high performance ammunition for decades. This .218 Bee load is specifically engineered for hunting varmints or small game and is ideal for lever action rifles. The 45 grain hollow point round will provide consistent uniform expansion with devastating terminal ballistics comparable to a much larger round. The question is not if you should use Hornady ammunition, the question is why would you use anything else Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: 8307 Caliber: .218 Bee Bullet Type: Jacketed Hollow Point Bullet Weight: 45 Grains Rounds: 25 Rounds per Box Muzzle Velocity: 2750 fps Bullet Diameter: .224 Muzzle Energy: 756 ft/lbs Jacket Material: Copper Core Material: Lead Sectional Density: .128 Ballistic Coefficient: .108 Casing: Brass Uses: Varmints, Small Game