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Sweet Corn Scent Web

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Scent Web is a patented scent, wick and a delivery System all in one. When used over an existing Scrape, this technique can aid in freshening the Scrape without the hunter being Present. The Magnum propulsion from scent web will shoot a web up to 10 feet, keeping the hunter"s scent contamination away from Deer scrapes and trails. Because this is an aerosol, there are no messy liquids, cotton balls or containers to deal with. Each can contains up to 300 feet of web and fits easily into a coat pocket. An added bonus to scent web is, after it is sprayed onto a tree or made into a scent trail, it will remain active until it dries and becomes brittle. Scent web is an environmental-friendly spray string that is scented with Lure and attractants and can be up to 300% more powerful than liquid scent products. Product Features Scented foam string Powerful pre and post rut formula that lasts up to 5 days in the field 300% more potent than liquid scents Up to 20 uses per can (based on 1 second bursts) Contains up to 300 feet of scented foam string No messy liquids No human scent contamination – Apply from up to 10 feet away Reactivates with moisture Spray on scrapes, branches, bushes, trees, etc Use as cover scent near your stand