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Vanilla Cover Scent

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Cass Creek Harmon`s Vanilla Camouflage Cover Hunting Scent combines a variety of compounds to provide hunters with a powerful masking scent that will keep you hidden from the sharp nose of your prey. Cass Creek Vanilla Camouflage Covering Scent provides you with the advantage of a mask scent that matches your surroundings. This Cass Creek Harmon hunting scent acts as both a cover scent and an attractant. It provides the deer hunter with a one - two punch for getting that trophy buck. Harmon`s Vanilla Camouflage is equally effective on game of all types, including bear and fox. No matter what terrain you find yourself hunting in, Cass Creek has you - and your scent - covered with the Cass Creek Vanilla Camouflage Cover Scent! NOTE: Keep away from children. Never ingest. Keep away from eyes. Specifications for Cass Creek Vanilla Camouflage Cover Scent: Size: 2 oz.