Trek - Tan Apple Leather Watch Band + Hover to Zoom


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Trek - Tan Apple Leather Watch Band

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WHAT"S AWESOME ABOUT IT In the era of high-speed technology, constant changes, and ever-evolving ideas it can be hard to stay grounded and even harder to persevere through the noise. There may not be a blueprint for how to navigate all of the madness, but there is a way to experience comfort every day despite the circumstances and, it’s here in our new Vulcan Treck breathable leather band from Groove Life! Fastening this to your smartwatch creates an adventure all its own, with a smooth, comfortable, breathable silicone inner band and a genuine tan leather outer band, sure to bring clarity and focus to every part of your day. Our Vulcan breathable leather watch bands are a perfect mixture of our high quality, medical-grade silicone on the inner band with our patented grooves for breathability and a smooth, comfortable feel. Add to that strong and smooth, classic genuine leather on the outer band that is eye-catching in just the right way, and you’ve got a perfect combination!