Ascent - Brown Apple Leather Watch Band + Hover to Zoom


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Ascent - Brown Apple Leather Watch Band

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WHAT"S AWESOME ABOUT IT The sun rising just above the hilltop, the wind pacing as a signal to the peaks ahead. It’s time to take on the day, and you’re at the crest. The horizons in front of you are defined as the line or circle that forms the apparent boundary between earth and sky. That’s nice and all but today you make the rules! We’ve created the perfect accessory to elevate your journey with the Vulcan Ascent breathable leather watch band from Groove Life. The soft inner feel of our medical-grade silicone inner band and neutral subtlety of the brown leather outer band will give you all of the clarity and breathability you’ll need to take that first step. Our Vulcan breathable leather watch bands are a perfect mixture of our high quality, medical-grade silicone on the inner band with our patented grooves for breathability and a smooth, comfortable feel. Add to that a strong and smooth, classic genuine leather on the outer band that is eye-catching in just the right way, and you’ve got a perfect combination!