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Item # 270b

270 Win 150 Gr Sp Power Shok

Available Quantity: 8


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DESCRIPTION Power-Shok is Federal"s proven ammunition line with low costs in mind. Proven, simple soft point designs are inexpensive, accurate, and effective. For the cost-conscious hunter. When your game is not trophy-caliber and you"re looking for the best value for your dollar, shoot this capable ammunition. When hunting the woods and clearings, you need a bullet that handles any situation. Power-Shok provides you with consistent and proven performance without a high-dollar price tag. It’s an great all-around choice for medium to large-game. Reloadable brass case 2830 fps at Muzzle 2486 fps at 100 Yards 2166 fps at 200 Yards 1871 fps at 300 Yards 1606 fps at 400 Yards 1374 fps at 500 Yards 2667 ft/lbs at Muzzle 2057 ft/lbs at 100 Yards 1563 ft/lbs at 200 Yards 1166 ft/lbs at 300 Yards 859 ft/lbs at 400 Yards 629 ft/lbs at 400 Yards Perfect for medium sized game Price is per 20 round box.