L4s Sporting 12ga 2.75in 32in/Bl Blued Walnut + Hover to Zoom


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L4s Sporting 12ga 2.75in 32in/Bl Blued Walnut

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you believe a semi-automatic target shotgun should point and balance like a fine double gun with perfect balance and weight distribution, then the L4S is the gun you have been waiting for. The magazine is shortened to a four round capacity to reduce the length of the fore-end for improved balance. The L4S does not have an action spring in the stock and attaches with a simple stock bolt. This feature allows us to sculpt the pistol grip to eliminate the awkward feeling that affects many semi-auto shotguns. Because the L4S is designed for 2 ¾” target loads, the action is shorter than guns made to function up to 3 ½” cartridges, further enhancing the handling characteristics. The L4S also incorporates a revolutionary new fore-end design that does not rely on wood to be part of the mechanical assembly of the gun. This removes all wiggle and movement in the fore-end that plagues all current semi-auto designs. Additionally, it makes the barrel to receiver relationship more precise and stronger while eliminating the forces that can damage and crack the wood. The L4S includes all of the performance features our customers have come to expect from Fabarm target guns. The barrels feature our TRIBORE™ tapered bore, EXIS HP™ hyperbolic choke system and tapered top rib. All of the controls are extended competition style for better function. Recoil is extremely mild due to our target load tuned gas system. A combination of innovative design features and a passion for making the best handling semi-auto target shotgun possible make the L4S the clear choice for your next day at the range. Model L4S Sporting Gauge 12 Ga Operation Stainless Steel Piston, gas operated Barrel TRIBORE HP™ Barrel Length 32" Barrel Rib Height 6mm Chamber 2.75" Chokes 5 EXIS HP Competition Choke Tubes Frame Finish Black Anodized Stock European Walnut Wood Finish Triwood™ Length of pull 14.75" Drop at comb 1.5" Drop at heel 2.25" Cast at toe .125" Pitch 5° Cast to heel .125" Weight 7lbs 3oz* Proof test 163