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Cva Barrel Solvent And Bore Cleaner

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USE AS A LUBE FOR SHOOTING AND CLEANING PATCHES. CONTINUES THE BARREL SEASONING PROCESS WITH EACH APPLICATION. 4 OZ. CVA® Barrel Blaster Solvent is a citric-based, rust preventive solvent specifically formulated for black powder firearms that is both water soluble and bio-degradable. Just soak a cleaning patch in barrel blaster solvent, and run it through the barrel to dissolve residue left from shooting black powder or pyrodex. Finally, swab the foam out of barrel to finish cleaning. It’s that simple. Barrel Blaster™ Solvent is a great way to clean with little effort! It makes cleaning your rifle’s barrel both simple and efficient. The Barrel Blaster Solvent comes in a 4 oz bottle for easy application.