270 Degree Optic Cover # 4 Amber + Hover to Zoom


Item # 122425

270 Degree Optic Cover # 4 Amber

Available Quantity: 21


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BUSHWACKER™ Optic Covers are designed to fit both ends of your scope (ocular and objective). Our five sizes fit the majority of all scopes, as well as a variety of binoculars, flashlights, smaller spotting scopes and other field optics.

The stretchable covers fit securely and are easy to use. The BUSHWACKER™ 270o See-Thru cover has a snap-lock lid preventing dust build up and moisture (rain and snow) accumulation.

It is ideal for gathering light under low-light conditions, or for quick, close shooting situations.

The BUSHWACKER™ 270o Matte Black is a non See-Thru cover, providing the same snap-lock protection as the Amber See-Thru model.

The Matte Black lid is the perfect choice where rugged field use is a factor and low-light visibility is not important.

With the 270o range of motion, the cover will flip back and lay parallel to the scope so it doesn’t block the shooter’s line of sight when looking over the scope for target acquisition.