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Tyrant Sow In Heat Stick

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Tyrant Estrus Sow Scent Stick 2.5oz (approx 71gms)

100% Natural Estrus Sow Urine

This wax stick formula prevents spilling, accidental leaks in your pocket or backpack, and a mess that can end up on your fingers (which you smell during lunch). The patented stick formula is so effective and resilient, it is weather resistant and can be used as an attractant or as a cover scent. Never before has a pig scent been so easy and convenient. The stick formula does not melt and will not freeze.

It is perfect for placing a sow in heat in your hunting area, upwind of bedding and feeding areas. Simply wipe it on rocks, trees, or brush and reapply for desired strength. Great for quick and quiet use with no mess, spilling, or leaking. Holds up in extreme weather conditions.