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Style # T3012


Low Poundage Advantage  - Durable, precision-wrapped carbon composite construction  - Intermediate arrow for use with 30-50 lb. bows  - Reliable solution for advanced youth or women archers  - Easy to tune and Carbon Express? durable  - Fully assembled with internal components and tunable nocks   The ThunderStorm is an affordable transition arrow for young bowhunters who have outgrown the Thunder Express, but are not ready to step up to the poundage and price needed for premium carbon arrows. The ThunderStorm is carbon-composite construction for strength, and features a tunable press-fit nock. The point insert accepts standard practice points and broadheads. The spine range is for draw weights from 30 to 50 pounds. Women with shorter draw lengths will be particularly pleased with this intermediate arrow. ----STOCK PHOTOS USED FOR ADVERTISEMENT PURPOSES ONLY