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Maxima Red 400 Arrow Sold Per Each

Available Quantity: 25


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Constructed with Carbon Expresss exclusive BackBone technology, the Maxima XRZ series offers 360-degree spine consistency to stabilize and maintain how the arrow flexes in flight. The key to this arrows consistency is the arrows center section, or Red Zone, which takes advantage of proven Tri-Spine technology to specifically engineer the arrow to be stiffer and contain Dynamic Spine. That reduces the exaggerated effect of broadhead-tipped arrows to ensure that broadheads shoot more consistently. Designed for speed, this lightweight arrow delivers unprecedented accuracy in a flat-shooting and deep-penetrating standard-sized hunted arrow. The 100% woven carbon design offers quick recovery out of the bow and exceptional strength. Packed with Carbon Express innovation, the Maxima XRZ series sets a new standard in lightweight hunting arrow performance. Specifications for Carbon Express Maxima XRZ: Color: Black/Red/Green Fabric/Material: Carbon/Kevlar Length: 32 in Included Accessories: Bulldog Collars, Nocks, Inserts Finish: Carbon/Kevlar Weave Fletching: Q2 raptor Overall Length: 32 in Shaft Length: 31 in Nock Type: Launch Pad Precision Nock Arrowhead Type: Accepts standard AMO thread type practice opoints and broadheads Straightness: 0.0025 in Features of Carbon Express Maxima XRZ •DEEP PENETRATING: .244 internal diameter_x000D_ •REAL STRAIGHTNESS: Every Maxima XRZ Series is 100% laser-checked for Real Straightness_x000D_ •MATCHED WEIGHT SET: Sorted and matched by weight for best-in-class consistency. Weight sorting tolerance is +/- 1.0 grains_x000D_ •LAUNCHPAD PRECISION NOCK: Standard on all Maxima XRZ arrows to deliver a precise controlled arrow release_x000D_ •Protected by Bull Dog Nock Collars for enhanced protection at the back of the arrow _x000D_ •Available in 150 (.500), 250 (.400), 350 (.330) spines_x000D_ •MSRP XRZ (.0025 straightness):