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Sweet 17 3- 12x40

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Equip this BSA Optics Matte Black Sweet 17 3-12X40 Riflescope to convert your rifle into a buck-blasting machine. BSA Optics specifically designed these Riflescopes to be calibrated for the .17 HMR bullet, providing you a precise piece of glass that"s entirely built around this caliber. An adjustable parallax from 10 to infinity allows you to fine tune your shots so that your reticle and your intended trophy target are both on the same focal plane when wielding the BSA Optics Sweet 17 3-12X40mm Hunting Riflescope. With 4 generous inches of eye relief, you can comfortably zone in on targets from afar during an all-day hunting trip. Grab the BSA Optics Sweet 17 Series 3-12X40 Riflescope today for an incredible value and fill up that freezer with delicious venison all season long.