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Trak Usb Rechargeable Light

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Trak USB Rechargeable Flashlight/Cap Light Tiny light with key ring and clip to attach to hat brim, high/low modes, USB rechargeable (cable included) Incredibly handy. A super small light that is right at home on your keychain and can be securely attached to the brim of your cap for hands-free use. What more could you ask for Well, you could ask for the ability to charge it with the same cable and chargers you use for your phone. The Trak USB rechargeable light is too handy to not have in your everyday kit. USB Charge. In the past, lights using rechargeable batteries required specialized and often bulky chargers and cables. USB Charge capability allows you to use standard Micro USB cables to plug into the light directly or even directly into the battery to quickly top off your charge with home and car cables/charges that you already have on hand. •LENGTH 1.75" •BRIGHTNESS 121 lumens •EFFECTIVE DISTANCE 70 yards •FEATURES One of the smallest and brightest lights ever developed • Powerful white LED that never needs replacing • High 1/2 hour and low 6 hour white light output modes • Li-ion battery is rated for 300 charging cycles • Color coded battery charging indicator • Twist switch with high and low modes • Rotate head 2 turns to lock-out battery connection • Key ring • Trak cap clip • All-aluminum body construction with polycarbonate lens • Waterproof • Submersible to 3 feet for 30 minutes • Drop tested from 1 meter (about 39") • Includes USB charging cable USB Rechargeable