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Style # 001601100154


FIRE PROTECTION • 1200° F/75 min. fire protection • Three layers of 1?2` fire-resistant insulation in the safe body and door, four layers in the ceiling • Palusol® expanding fire seal ANTI-PRY FEATURES • Strong 11-gauge steel body • Pry-Stop End Bolts 11?4` chromed locking bolts, four-sided door coverage • Fully reinforced integrated door frame • Tight-tolerance door fit • 15?16` thick Duo-Formed door ADDITIONAL SECURITY FEATURES • Force Deflector™ locking mechanism • Hardened steel pin lock protection • UL® tool attack listed • S & G® Group II lock with key lock dial and five-year limited warranty INTERIOR/CONVENIENCE AND APPEARANCE FEATURES • Innovative Axis Adjustable Shelving with NEW Pistol Rack • Premium DPX Storage System • Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack with Scope Saver • Two DPX Handgun Pouches • Deluxe three-spoke handle • Elevated floor makes removing guns easier • Scroll or game scene bonded to the safe door • High-gloss or rugged textured charcoal finishes----STOCK PHOTO USED FOR ADVERTISEMENT PURPOSES ONLY--SAMPLE COLOR SHOWN BUT PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE IN ACTUAL COLOR