Gravity System 1200 # Feeder 105 Inch + Hover to Zoom


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Gravity System 1200 # Feeder 105 Inch

Available Quantity: 2


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Assembly Instructions Non-Typical 1200 Position the ends cap at the desired height position. Pre-assembled at protein height. o Automatic Timed Feeder – Place all four end caps at the second set of inserts from the bottom on each of the four leg channels. Slide legs into the channels. (Do not over tighten) With a 7/16” socket or wrench. Note: Do not tighten bolts until all four legs are inserted into the leg channels. Install the feeding mechanism of your choice using the 1” bolts to the spout on the bottom of the hopper. Snug down, do not over tighten. Auto units have wing bolts installed in the adaptor funnel to attach them to the hopper. Fill feeder with your choice of feed. We recommend a good sturdy step ladder if you cannot stand on the tailgate of a truck to fill the hopper.