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Cruzer G3 Rth Rh70

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From the original Cruzer and Cruzer Lite to the first-choice Cruzer G2, the Cruzer name plate has always carried immense respect across the industry. The legacy continues with the latest generation of the Cruzer line - the new Bear Archery Cruzer G3. The G3 brings more performance, adjustability, and practicality than any previous model. The newly improved dual cam system brings arrow speeds up to 315 FPS and can accommodate draw lengths from 14" to 30". Archers of any size and stature will find the Cruzer G3"s 75% let off remarkably comfortable with an adjustable draw weight anywhere between 5lbs and 70lbs. The new G3 comes equipped as a Ready to Hunt setup with a Trophy Ridge sight, quiver, Whisker Biscuit, peep, and D-loop installed from the factory. If you"re looking for a solid performing bow for under $500 that will last for years to come, look no further than the new Cruzer G3.

  • Shadow / Wildfire
  • The new G3 can accommodate draw lengths from 14" to 30" and draw weights from 5lbs to 70lbs.
  • All adjustments are made using an Allen wrench with no need for a bow press.