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Thor Lt 4- 8x Thermal

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Combining the functionality of night vision with the form factor of a standard, lightweight optic, the ThOR LT 4-8x Thermal Riflescope will find people, animals, vehicles, and other heat sources through fog, dust or total darkness. Its 160 x 120 sensor has a detection range of 625 yards, a recognition range of 315 yards, and an identification range of 210 yards. Thermal imagery is shown in white hot or black hot on a 1280 x 720p micro display. The ThOR LT`s One Shot Zero system makes it easy to sight in your scope—take a shot, use the arrow buttons to move the reticle over the bullet hole you just made, and press Enter. Multiple reticles are available to customize your view. Push-button controls are easy to reach on top of the scope. The built-in battery recharges via USB Type-C cable, and a fresh charge provides 10 hours of runtime. At just 23 ounces, the ThOR LT is light enough for use on crossbows or air rifles. It mounts with user-supplied 30mm rings, and its aluminum alloy housing is weather resistant. Thermal Sensor 160 x 120 pixel ATN Obsidian Core LT 7 to 14µm spectral response 60 Hz refresh rate Optical Performance 4-8xx magnification 8.3 x 6.2° angle of view Detection range 625 yards, recognition range 315 yards, identification range 210 yards 90mm eye relief Use and Handling Compact control pad on the top 1280 x 720 HD micro display White hot and black hot modes One Shot Zero easily sights in correct point of impact USB Type-C port for charging, 10 hours runtime Lightweight design for use on rifles, air rifles and crossbows Construction Details Aluminum alloy construction 30mm maintube diameter Weather-resistant performance Measures 11.5 x 2.2 x 2.2`, weighs 23 ounces