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Thor 4 4.5x18 384x288

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Gen 4 384x288 Thermal Sensor. Record Video onto a MicroUSB. Smart Shooting Solution. Wifi / Bluetooth. Recoil Activated Video. Smart Range Finder. Up to 18 hours battery life. ATN Thor 4 Thermal Monocular included accessories: Scope Cover, USB-C Cable, 30mm Rings, Rubber Eye Cup, QRG Manual ATN ThOR 4 384 4.5-18X50 Smart HD Thermal Riflescope: ATN has been on the forefront of your thermal technology needs, and now we are surpassing all expectations by presenting a new series of products that delivers a profoundly new experience! The ThOR 4 series provides such superior value, you soon realize there is nothing in the market to compare with! Our New Ultra-Sensitive Next Gen Sensor and Duel Core Processor allows you to Record Video and WiFi Stream at the same time! You wanted longer lasting power capabilities You got it! The new ThOR 4 Series includes a long lasting internal Lithium Ion Battery, allowing for up to 16 hours of operation. Plus, you can use your traditional 30 mm mounting rings to mount to any rifle. The ATN ThOR 4 Series is the future of optics, and the future is now! From Night Vision Guys about ATN Thor Smart HD Thermal Riflescopes: There is no doubt that this new line of ATN Thor thermal scopes will be a hit. ATN listened to all the concerns over the past couple of years and implemented fixes on most of the concerns. Improved battery life, video streaming while recording, ring mounting, improved ergonomics and new optional accessories are sure to excite any buyer. If you are in the market for a great value of a thermal scope with all the latest technological capabilities, be sure to add Thor 4 Smart HD thermal scopes to your shopping list. Thermal Imaging: Please note that most thermal devices are built per order. It may take 3-5 days or more for your order to ship. If timely shipping is important to you, please, contact us to verify availability prior to ordering. Thermal devices can produce various types of images. Some are color, othe